Brown Health Services: Are available to students at, or near College Hill

By: LoydMartin

Students now have the option to access remote healthcare around the world, in addition to in-person care. Brown Health Services has made it possible for students to receive virtual care in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The changes have not been very dramatic for everyone,” stated Dr. Vanessa Britto MS, Executive Director of Brown Health Services and Wellness and Associate vice president for Campus Life. However, “we are open to students who are both on-campus and off campus.”

Britto reports that Brown Health Services will provide remote access to care via phone calls and videoconferencing. She said that students can call and she will talk to them about their concerns. “We can certainly follow-up with any student who had a concern or question.” Students can call to schedule a time with a provider remotely.

Students who live on- or off-campus in the Providence region can still access Health Services. Britto said that for students who require to visit the clinic on-site, there is a small group of medical professionals who can help with “any urgent need that students may have.” Britto also advised that students call Twilight Wedding ahead, because “we don’t have the resources or the staff to deal with more routine concerns.”

She stressed that she would love to speak with anyone, learn what their concern was, and then assist them in managing it on a case by case basis.

Kathryn Thompson, PhD’22, President of the Graduate Student Council, and doctoral student in the School of Public Health, has praised Health Services’ telehealth efforts. Thompson stated that Health Services responded quickly to the needs of both undergraduate and medical students. They also offered services for students who were not only on-campus, but also from far away.

Thompson said that Health Services is able to screen for illnesses that can be treated virtually for students, even if they are on-campus or in Providence. Thompson stated that there are certain things you need to see a doctor or nurse practitioner face-to–face for.

Britto stated that Health Services continues to work with the same providers for students who are not on campus. “That’s a great thing in that people know the providers and our students are sure to be familiar with them.

Britto stated that Brown Health Services’ pharmacy is still authorized to dispense medication to Rhode Island students and residents in the Providence region. Britto explained that while the pharmacy can’t mail prescriptions out of state due to licensing requirements, it can transfer prescriptions to any country where a student may be, if necessary, if needed.

Thompson believes that Health Services could make improvements in the availability of services and options on weekends.

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