Holzer Health System: Offers fall prevention tips

By: LoydMartin

Do you fear falling or tripping on a slippery surface? According to the National Institute of Aging (NIA), one third of people 65 years and older fall every year. The risk of falling increases with age, which can lead to multiple injuries and other health problems.

There are many factors that can increase your risk of falling. The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence lists several factors that Brown Health Services increase the chance of falling holzer health system. These include past falls, hazards in your home or community, balance and walking difficulties, medication side effects, memory loss, vision impairment, and decreased vision.

You don’t have to accept falling as part of aging. You can do many things, such as finding a community fall prevention program for strength and balance exercises, managing medications, and having your vision checked to make your environment safer. Stella Barrett, OTR/L Director of Therapy Services at Holzer Health System, said that you have many options.

Here are some ways to avoid a fall

  • Keep active! Regular exercise will keep your mind and body moving.
  • Learn about side effects of medications
  •  Get enough rest.

Be careful when walking on wet or frozen surfaces

Protect your home. Throw rugs and other clutter can cause you to trip or fall. To be able to see what you are doing, keep your home well lit.

You should wear sturdy shoes that fit well. You might consider switching to lace-up/velcro slip shoes.

Vitamin D is important for strengthening bones and muscles. You can talk to your provider about how much vitamin D is recommended.

– Use a walker, cane or another safety device. Your provider may recommend that you use a safety gadget. Make sure it is the right size  and that you know how to use it. Grab bars, non-slip bathmats, handrails and handrails for stairs are some other items that can help you avoid falling.

Holzer Health System suggests that you talk to your primary care provider about your fall risk and develop an action plan to get ready for winter. Tell your doctor immediately if you feel unsteady or worried about falling. If you feel unstable, unsteady, or if the room spins, you should tell your doctor.

“Fall prevention requires a team effort. Barrett stated that if you’ve had a fall in the past or are afraid of falling again, it is important to talk with your doctor and family members. They want to keep you mobile and independent and lower your chance of falling. “

Holzer Health System can help you set up the best program for you, and also make recommendations for programs in your community that might be of benefit. Holzer has highly qualified rehabilitation professionals that are dedicated to helping patients achieve and sustain good physical health through exercise training, education, rehabilitation, and rehabilitation. Flexible scheduling and individual therapy sessions allow for quick evaluations and entry to therapy.

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