Travel to Myanmar from Australia

By: LoydMartin

Myanmar is an inviting travel destination for all Aussie Travelers. It is a country where mysterious history embraces the unique, sealed culture, where Buddhism develops at its glorious and people love to receive foreign guests.
Travel Experts from Authentic Asia Tours introduce you some notes to make your holiday to Myanmar successful :

Myanmar Visa
All Australian citizens need to obtain visa or get visa approval letter before boarding the flight to Myanmar. If you have time, go through Myanmar Embassy in Canberra, otherwise, Myanmar Visa on Arrival is a good alternative allowing you to get visa letter within a working day.
Make sure you have 6month valid passport before applying for visa.
Those who plan the cross the border from India or Thailand to Myanmar have to apply for visa through an Embassy.

Weather and Packing
Myanmar is a tropical country, yet the weather varies differently in all regions. While the far north has European like weather with snowcapped mountain, the south and central is typically tropical with two clear seasons: dry and rain.
The best time to visit Myanmar is from Oct to April when it turns dry and cool.
Except for adventures to mountainous area, you should pack light. The fact Myanmar has many pagodas and temples, bring a sandal and dress modestly for all religious site visit. If you plan a long holiday, do not forget some medicine and a torch.

Explore the best of Myanmar
The most famous site for the very first time visit should be Shwedagon, the iconic pagoda of Yangon city. Embedded with the rich history since 6th century, this huge pagoda enshired Buddha relics and illustrates local traditional in the most authentic way. All Yangon city tours include this majestic attraction.
Bagan is the second popular tourist sites where photographers delve in to the sacred valley, studded by 2,500 pagodas for balloon ride, temples hoping.
In Shan State, Inle Lake is a must see boasting incredible landscapes and ethnic diversity. Here, you will encounter many hill tribes as well having chance to capture the unique Intha fishing technique.
For all curiosity you have about Myanmar, Mandalay reflects so much about Burma last kingdom with four ancient capitals, royal palace, stunning Sagaing Hill, breathtaking Ubein – the longest teakwood bridge in the world.
For an idea of getting off beaten track, go west to Mountain Victoria to soak up the quaint tradition of tattooing faces, beholding the sweeping panorama.
Cruise lovers will find some of the most joyful journey to witness the changes of life along Irrawaddy River or Chindwin.
Chances for spotting wild life is endless as north Myanmar has so many natural treasures including untouched national park and nature reserves area.

Special features: southern Myanmar is an extraordinary gem for beach lovers and luxury island hoping. Mergui Archipelago with some 800 islands is now receiving only 2000 guests per year. It is now the time to explore these magnificent islands before they become more touristic.
Either you look for a relaxing trip or diving expedition, Mergui has everything to offer you.

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