North Vietnam Trekking for a more Adventurous Holiday

By: LoydMartin

By the time you add Vietnam as the next holiday destination, you have to anticipate that there is numerous amazing trekking destination in the country. However, this does not mean that this holiday destination is only suitable for those who love trekking only. In fact, everyone can venture the trekking trip in the wonderful mountain lands. The trekking holiday in Vietnam mostly located on the northern side in which there are spreads of national parks and forests await you to explore the rare flora and fauna species. This surely is a fabulous opportunity as well as surprising gifts while you trek through.

If you are not sure to plan the trekking tour on your own; it is better to use Vietnam travel agent such as the Viet Bamboo Travel. The company has in the business for decades; therefore, they knew very well the hottest tourist destination during the North Vietnam Trekking.Using travel agents will give you the chance to fully enjoy the holiday without the fuss of booking transportation or accommodation. They have numerous travel packages which can be easily adjusted to your schedule.

Why choose North Vietnam Trekking with North Vietnam Travel?

The North Vietnam trekking is one of the famous holiday destinations in Vietnam. The country offers the beauty nature and also adventure. The challenging roads and location quickly become the favorite among travelers. Using North Vietnam Travel service, the company only provide high-quality service only in which they keep the hotels, destinations, and other travel essential meet the recent standard. As they offer various travel packages, you do not force to stop somewhere just to buy stuff that you may not need. You can freely choose your own tour packages. Planning for the trip is very convenient and also efficient; therefore, you do not need to waste your time in Vietnam. In addition, all travel packages are flexible, meaning that you can change destination if you do not want to visit. In fact, you can change the destinations while you are on the trip itself. No consultation fee is needed; the only fee for the changes is in relation to the third party expenses on the North Vietnam trekking.


Places to visit during North Vietnam trekking

Sapa – this is the most famous destination in North Vietnam as well as the best trekking areas in the country. During this tour, you will be offered to trekking to the highest peak in the country which is Mt. Fansipan which is located on 3134-meter height above the sea. To get there, you can simply trek or take the cable car.

Phu Long – the areas have wonderful scenery with paddy fields, great mountains, and also amazing limestone panorama. The limestone panorama is called the Phu Luong bio reserve which has natural trek area. The Phu Luong is located in between of two mountain ridges in which there is a valley amid. In addition, it also has thick forest which is home to numerous species.

Be Be Lake – located in Bac Kan province and spread in the middle of mountain ranges, the Be be a lake is a natural park as well as the biggest lake in the country. It also has some wonderful waterfalls, caves, and rivers. You can trek in the caves and the limestone to witness spectacular scenery.

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