Sonia Nevermind: Canon Analysis

By: LoydMartin

Maybe I’m exaggerating when I say “a lot” of hate. Let’s just say some hate. This character also has many fans. Sonia Nevermind although I think a lot comes from the ship they are in and the number of people who like them.

You can see from the title that I am referring to Sonia Nevermind

Although I have seen some analysis posts about her, I don’t agree with all of them. Some have made some excellent points, which helped to shape this blog. The majority of this blog is based on my canon research.

Sonia is often criticized. She should Holzer Health System not have survived. She is a boring, do-nothing princess. It is not right how she treated Souda. Her talent makes no sense. Etc, etc. Some of these will be addressed later, but for now I’m going to conduct a canon review of Sonia Nevermind the Ultimate Princess.

The relationship between Sonia Nevermind and Souda will not be covered due to the limit on pictures. Maybe another …. blog?

Sonia Nevermind Background

I don’t want Sonia’s backstory to be too much of a distraction. When discussing why they like a character or their motivations, people almost always include backstories. It’s as if everyone has never learned it. So, I’ll be brief.

Sonia was born in Novoselic, a fictional European kingdom. She was a royal child and lived in a castle with servants. Every need was met almost literally. She didn’t know how to turn on or shut off a shower.

This is not to suggest she was stupid. Just sheltered. Sonia was very intelligent and studied topics such as economics, international relations, and 30 languages.

Hope’s Peak invited her to be the Ultimate Princess. She was fascinated by Japanese culture and agreed to attend. My love for Japanese culture and drama is something that many of us can relate too (I mean, we are on this Amino, right?). We’ll talk about other reasons she had, but they were not discussed here.


I promised I would be brief about the background. Understanding the backstory is crucial to Sonia’s character.

Sonia was not like other children who were constantly pampered. It was actually almost the opposite. She developed an inferiority complex. Sonia refuses to accept Mahiru Koizumi’s offer to lead Chapter 1 group.

She doesn’t know why, but in her kingdom she refers to herself as a mere figurehead. She claims she is “ill-suited” to lead. We are given a hint by her explanation as to why the Ultimate Imposter (then believed to be Togami) is so much better suited.

This is the first contradiction in Sonia‚Äôs nevermind personality. She is a leader in a nation and yet she feels like she cannot lead a group Japanese high school students. What is the reason? Some believe it is due to the inferiority complex. It was an important factor, but it wasn’t the only one.

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