Reputation Management: Bluetooth Earphones

By: LoydMartin

Since Beats have entered the headphone market, popularity for premium headphones have skyrocketed and it’s mostly due to reputation management companies. They knew how to properly market these products using social medias and review sites to gain momentum in reputation. However, competition became fierce and followed the trend of producing premium mobile audio equipment.

Many companies started to invest in research and development for headphones since they noticed more people are willing to spend for a good quality headphone. Did the same apply to earphones? A matter of fact, it did; there are countless companies who came out with earphones that cost well above $199.99 and whats surprising is that they are selling like hot cakes. The demand for a premium headphones and earphones is extremely high and the supply is slowly starting to reach that level of demand. Reputation Management has seen this trend and started to work with a few mobile audio equipment companies. A unique company they recently acquired as a client have developed a premium bluetooth enable earphones. These are like none other because most of the time, quality is always sacrificed when bluetooth is involved; which is fine since the purpose of bluetooth is about mobility and convenience. However, these new bluetooth earphones doesn’t apply to that concept. The quality is equivalent, if not, better than most average priced earphones. These have a battery life of eighteen hours on a single charge and takes about an hour to fully charge them. The bass works in tandem with the metal housing of the 35mm drivers which creates a strong acoustic bass that balances perfectly with the highs. The company produces these earphones as a way to illustrate that you never need to sacrifice sound for efficiency and thats what these earphones are, they are efficient and works like nothing else in the market. Beats earphones are priced around $199.99 and doesn’t compare to $50 earphones made by Sony or Jays but these bluetooth earphones are listed at $150.00 and it’s worth every penny.

The technology doesn’t stop with the bluetoothoption, reputation management was just as surprised as any customer who found out that these earphones can be tracked by any smart device where you can download an app from the applestore or playstore. The company knew that these types of headphones will be subject to being stolen or lost since they are small and still pricey for your average shopper. This will allow anyone to register their earphone and can track it wherever it goes as long as there is battery life. Reputation Management was shocked to how much the company invested in producing these earphones but are priced at a mere $150.00.

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