How Much to Spend to Improve Home Security

By: LoydMartin

In 2016, the average sophisticated electronic home security system with cameras and sensors costs $1,000 to buy, and $50 a month to have monitored. While there’s no doubt that a home that’s guarded like a fortress can bring peace of mind, many people can’t afford that kind of home security upgrade, especially considering the fact that on average, burglaries end up in losses of no more than $1,000. While home security is important, the idea should be to invest in ways that are financially efficient.

It takes real professionals to truly secure a home electronically. Many security installation plans tend to leave . It’s important to understand that more often than not, it’s the low-tech methods that help secure homes, rather than high-tech cameras and sensors. While it always makes sense to consider going high-tech, you should put it off until you’ve invested in basic, mechanical security.

Usually, quality mechanical security requires nothing more than careful planning by an involved homeowner.

Start with good, quality locks everywhere

If you’re investing in an electronic security system, it wouldn’t be any use just putting a quality lock on the front door. You need to secure in similar fashion every window, fanlight and skylight, in addition to the garage door. It’s important to invest in good, strong locks on every single one of these entry points. Studies show that burglars do not want to spend more than 60 seconds attempting to break in. If you make it hard for a burglar at this stage, you’ll gain significant protection.

Get security screening

No matter how good the locks on your doors and windows are, large expanses of unprotected class make it easy for burglars to gain entry. Putting a rock through a pane of glass takes very little time and doesn’t make too much noise. According to Security Screen Masters, a leading destination for security screen doors in Phoenix, AZ, protective barriers of stainless steel mesh are an excellent line of defense against such possibilities. Such screening comes with other benefits, as well. It offers multiple benefits from UV radiation control for improved indoor privacy.

Invest in plenty of lighting

Not only does having plenty of lights in and around your home make your home look pretty, it deters burglars. No one likes to break into a well-lit home. You don’t want stylishly dim lighting, however. Instead, you want to go for some brightness.

These ideas may cost very little; they more than pull their own weight when it comes to protecting your home, however.

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