Five Best “Dragon Sunglasses” That You Must Own Right Now

By: LoydMartin

No matter what season it is, sunglasses are always a good idea. A pair of specs is a must-have during summer when it’s scorching hot and the sun is shining. A specs is a must-have! There are many options available, regardless of your budget. Dragon sunglasses might be a good choice if you are looking for exceptional designs and strong builds.

Dragon, a Californian brand, was founded in 1993. The brand was originally created for surfers, riders of dirt bikes, and other active people. It has expanded to produce everyday sunnies, which are often worn for fashion tap and not sun protection. These are just a few of the designer sunglasses you will love. Let’s start with the best!

1. Fame Dragon Sunglasses

It is possible that you will want to keep the name. Because it will be around forever. Dragon’s most popular products are the Fame sunglasses. These sunglasses are lightweight and durable made with Grilamid frames and 6-base polycarbonate lenses. You don’t need to worry about quality.

You’re also 100% protected against UV rays, so you can go outside whenever you like. These are available in two colours: purple nebula or purple iron. You can choose your favorite! It is available for as low as 66$

2. The Jam Remix

This pair of sunnies will suit anyone who loves the outdoors and nature. The Jam Remix, just like the Frame specs is made from Grilamid frames and 6-base polycarbonate lens. These cool sunglasses are available in matte black or sky. This pair will add style to your collection for around $88

3. The Jam Owen Dragon Sunglasses Wright

The Jam Owen Right is the best Dragon sunglasses. The unique combination of black and green iron makes it stand out. It is soft and comfortable, but it can also withstand a few drops.

Also, the lenses can be made from polycarbonate material that is not interchangeable. You’ll be able to enjoy its beauty for ever. The second Jam is slightly less expensive than the first. This pair is only $80

4. Grey Mansfield

Grey Mansfield is also known as the Hawaii sunglass. Dragon Sunglasses. This pair, unlike most others on this list, is made from composite material. The lenses are made of 4-base polycarbonate, which can protect your eyes 100% from the harmful UV rays. These lenses are not polarized, so you might experience some glares.

This specs are great if you have a tight budget. It’s only $56 and can be taken home immediately.

5. Vice Roy Dragon Sunglasses

The Vice Roy is the most costly of all the specs. The frame is made from acetate and the lenses have 100% UV protection. It comes in either gray or bronze fame depending on your preferences. These premium sunglasses are about $110

Shades are essential for any time you’re out in the sun. Shades are not only necessary for your eye protection but also for your style. These are just a few of the top pieces that will look great on you, no matter what your style preference.

These names are the best to remember when you’re looking for a new pair of celebrity sunglasses: Dragon Eyewear – Great Southern Sunnies Australia. You will be your next favorite brand of sunglasses with the first one. The second is your next favorite summer sunglasses shopping destination!

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