What to Expect during a Home Plumbing Inspection

By: LoydMartin

There are a few major advantages to hiring a professional to inspect your property. An Alpha Tradesmen Academy plumber’s expertise and experience can be relied upon if there is a problem. They will also take care of the stuff you don’t want.

Many homeowners are happy to let go of the tedious tasks such as checking the pipes underneath the house, or dealing with slow-draining sinks and toilet flappers. Professional inspections are for those who are able to handle the smaller jobs but don’t want to tackle larger problems. They ensure that your water heater is regularly tested and flushed, as well as that your pipes outside are adequately insulated from winter freezes. A quality inspection can make a big difference in reducing headaches.


An inspection of your home’s plumbing will check for any water leaks. This includes pipes, sinks, toilets and tubs. Our plumbers will inspect your house from the outside and inside for any leakages. They also check for adequate support to protect against freeze damage.


Call a professional immediately if you notice any leaks. Water can be the most destructive force in a house, so it is important to get it fixed quickly.

Prevention is better than cure. Your plumber can help you in insulating exterior pipes to ensure that they don’t freeze in winter. All fixtures, washers, sealers have a life expectancy. Keep an eye out for any small leaks in your home that haven’t been fixed in a while. Also, plan ahead to do what you can in the event of a major disaster. It is always better to be prepared.

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