Ways YOU Can Be The Fun Mom

By: LoydMartin

Fun is not always the top priority for parents. There are many rules, structure and reasons. Sometimes, there’s room for fun. Sometimes it’s okay to let loose and have a little fun. Grapevine offers a wide range of party items that can be used combination with other ideas. There is truly something for everyone. We offer exciting treasure printable treasure hunt and games for children, quizzes and murder mystery games for adults from all ages as well as specially designed products for holidays like Christmas, Halloween Easter or Summer.

How to be a FUN MOM

Play Pranks

Play pranks with your children – it’s a great way to bring some fun to someone else’s day. Here are some of our favorite pranks at Kids Activities Blog:

  • Have fun with each other’s pranks
  • These April Fools pranks are great for any day of the year!
  • Have a good time making jokes!
  • Your kids will love to wake up to frozen cereal for breakfast.


Have your children have a good time with a tickle fight or any of the other ideas listed on this page.

Stop the Fun Police

This is a great post about how one mom became the fun cop. Trust your children and take a small step back from the things we do.

Make a silly face

You can hold a face contest to see who has the most bizarre face. These face printables will make your child laugh.

Tickle Tickle

You can have a tickle battle! You could also try a smoochy kiss chase! You can chase each other around the house, and when you catch them give them a big smoochy hug!

Scavenger Hunt

You can organize a playground scavenger hunting. This list will help you find new places to play. This is a fun adventure for all the family. You can also download our printable nature scavenger hunting for children of all ages.

Give a treat

You can make a milkshake together. Here’s our peanut butter shake recipe. Even the cup can be used to blow bubbles! You can find our secret weapon for making shakes here


You can read a story to your child, or several. Place yourself or your child in a favorite book and replace the name of one character with your child’s. This is our current favorite!

Be Scientific

Learning can be fun! These are five fun and engaging ways to teach science. Take a cup of water outside and learn about condensation on a hot day!

Disguise Yourself

Create super spy pipe-cleaner disguises and communicate with each other using your “spy voices”.

Start Silly Games

Play “edible pillow”. Play “edible pillow” with your child – they are also able to talk and laugh!

Bubble War

Play *together* on an app – My kids love to teach me their favourite games.

All Things Must Be Turned Off

Turn off all devices and spend the afternoon with your child. Here are some great tips for mamas who don’t mind using their hands.

Create Big Art

Give your children a large canvas to paint on. These are eight ideas: You can throw away the paper, or paint on an old fence, windows, or bath tub (with window marker, of course). (We always get our canvases here)

Family Slumber Party

A family slumber party is a good idea. Everyone, including mom and dad, should bring their sleeping bags to camp on the living room floor.

Piggy Back Ride

Offer your children a piggyback ride… and, if you’re a dad, here are 25 more tips to connect with your kids.

Make a paper airplane

Play a paper plane battle. Try to fold paper airplanes and throw them at one another. Learn how to fold a paper airplane.

Road Trip…Kinda

Take a road trip – to get ice cream. Take your children on a scenic ride and stop at ice cream stops on the way back.

One Big Cookie

Make a giant cookie with your children!

Take a moment together

Every evening, take a few minutes to tell your child how you love them. Also, talk about the great times you had together.

Get a tattoo

Use washable markers to draw on one another.

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