Top Tips for Septic Tank Maintenance

By: LoydMartin

A septic tank is a great way to manage your waste water over many years. You will need to ensure that your tank is maintained for the future to get the most out of your investment.

Increase the water efficiency of your home

You can put too much pressure on your tank by constantly adding water to it. This will cause your tank to become damaged, weakened or even blocked.

You can make your appliances more efficient and reduce the work load of your septic tank. This will increase its longevity. Roto-Rooter is locally owned and operated. Our plumbing technicians are well versed in the various plumbing and drain cleaning problems you may face.

There are many ways to make your home more efficient with water.

Find out what you can and cannot pour down your drains

Some substances should not be flushed down the drain. The bacteria in your septic tanks work on a delicate balance. If certain elements are introduced, it can cause an imbalance of the pH and stop the bacteria from breaking down waste or blockages.

You should not flush these items down your toilets or sinks.

Fats, oils, or grease

This will prevent any damage to your system.

Regular inspections are necessary

Regular inspections of your septic tank will help you spot potential problems earlier, which will make repairs easier and more affordable. You might be surprised at how bad your tank is if you don’t inspect it regularly.

For any signs of leakage or damage, take a close look at the tank, all visible components, and the drain field.

You can inspect your tank to determine how full it really is. This will allow you to book an appointment to have your septic tank cleaned in advance.

You don’t have to inspect your septic tank every month.

Protect your drain field

Your drain field is as important as your tank. Damages here can have an adverse effect on how your septic tank handles waste. You may find your tank overflows or becomes backlogged if it doesn’t have an outlet to dispose of the waste.

You should not park your vehicle on the drain field. Also, root infiltration could cause problems with the flow of the wastewater.

Get your tank pumped

To keep your septic tank working at its best, you need to pump it regularly. According to how often it is used, a tank should be pumped approximately every 3 to 5 years.

Although it’s unlikely that your tank will fill so quickly, we recommend that you consult a specialist to determine if your tank requires to be pumped every year.

Your tank will not run as efficiently as it can if it has more waste. It is also more likely to get damaged.

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