By: LoydMartin

If you know longer wants to wear a plain shirt, or plain shirts seems boring? Want to try on some designs on it? Here are some methods we are sharing with you.

Try using screen t shirt printing services, DTG, sublimation method or direct of the paper method.

If you need high quality, soft finish and multiple colors go for the screen printing. It would be cost-effective if you’re working on a big project and have a larger amount of shirts to give print on.

If you want to give shirt an overall print, go for a sublimation method. But while using a sublimation method on thing is to keep in mind is that you need 100% polyester. Sublimation method gives highly idiosyncratic designs.

If you want to transfer the design from one place to another use the transfer paper method. It provides sophisticated designs, supports full color printing.

The other method is DTG method, this technique helps you to print on your garment directly. It gives low-cost per item. It supports high color printing.

Follow these methods, design your T- shirt, look funky and stole the show.

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