Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant

By: LoydMartin

Transgender patients are no different than any person looking for hair reconstruction surgical procedure. The main issue dealt with in relation to transsexual clients is the need to transform a ” manly” hairline to a extra ” womanly” one. This concern relates to male to women transsexual people that struggle with male patterned baldness. There are normally two problems: One includes the recession of the frontal corners that makes the framework of the face a lot more manly. Second consists of additional miniaturization or balding of the rest of the hair which may require additional hair repair.

The very first concern can quickly be dealt with through follicular device hair transplant surgical procedure. This includes re-filling the receded frontal edges and fixing the hairline to a more natural and also womanly looking one. The 2nd problem is normally caused by testosterone. Anti-testosterone medicine like Spironolactone can help to reduce additional hair loss however it does not stop the hair loss procedure. Transgender man patients whom have had their testicles surgically removed will not experience the very same condition because they have gotten rid of testosterone production. Only individuals who are genetically prone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) would certainly have to be most worried concerning medication options like Propecia.

A excellent Transgender hair transplant cosmetic surgeon will have a good understanding in the distinguishing facial features and proportions between a man as well as female hairline. Women hairline is different from a man in several facets such as the location of the hairline from brow level at mid frontal as well as laterals; temples need to be restored in a total lady form; instructions as well as alignment of hair shafts are likewise different in between men and women. Transsexual hair transplantation treatments have to be dealt with meticulously as well as properly.

A hair repair procedure is a excellent recommendation for clients exploring changing their hairline to a feminine one. We recommend proceeding all routine clinical therapies of anti-testosterone medication as well as a feasible hair transplant to improve the framework of the face. Optimum volume and a best female pattern can usually be achieved via greater than one procedure.

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