Long White Nails: Designs that are more fun

By: LoydMartin

A classic look is crisp long white nails. A simple manicure with white polish can add a sophisticated touch to your style. White nail polish should be a staple in your nail care routine. It’s versatile and can be used as a base for many creative designs.

We’ve collected some great longĀ  art inspiration, including modern twists on the French manicure and elaborate designs with Boxing Pose glitter, gold flakes, and metallic rhinestones. These pretty, pale designs can be worn at work, at parties, or as a fun, starry sky-inspired style.

1 French Manicure in Reverse White

  • Reverse White French Manicure – Best White Nail Designs

This elegant French reverse manicure adds a modern twist to an old-fashioned French tip. This manicure is perfect for weddings or just to be chic every day.

2 Black Stars and Long White Nails

  • Best White Nail Designs with Black Stars

This dainty starry evening nail art is a great way to create a bold yet subtle mani. You can simply paint small black dots with a brush, then apply these adorable star stickers (also available in silver and gold).

3 Jungle Jewelry for White Nails

  • Jungle Jewelry on White Nails: The Best White Nail Designs

This fun look is created using a striping brush. It’s both bold and clean. Try different patterns and colors to give your manicure some extra sparkle.

4 White and gold nails

  • The Best Designs: White and Gold Nails

These nude-to are great for any occasion. Add some gold foil accents to your nails to make them glitter.

5 White Geode Manicure

  • White Geode Manicure – Long Designs

Attention nature lovers: Although each nail is unique, the manicure works well together. Layer bold, cool-toned colors on top of a white background to make the organic geode designs pop. Then add a foil glue accent in gold for a gold-textured look.

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