Do you like to shop?

By: LoydMartin

I like shopping very much. It is one of the most relaxing thing for women. I don’t know any friends, who doesn’t like this away of spending free times. Every week I go to shopping centre with my friends. It takes about for hours. During this time we are picking the best clothes and after that we are trying on in fitting rooms. I usually choese colorfull clothes, but I like also buying jeweler or shoes.I always have to try on every shop. My favourite shops are these with shoes. While I am doing the shopping I must come in every shop. When I come into a shoe shop I feel much better. I don’t prefer high-heels shoes. I usually choose comfortable shoes, especially trainers. At the second thing, after shoes I like the most are big bags.

In shopping centres there are also cosmetician shops, where I can spend about half an hour. Sometimes I am able to spend there a half of my money. I like testing perfums and different colours of lipsticks. After long and exhausted shopping, I and my friends always go to eat someting. There are many restaurants and snack bars, where we can have delicious pizza,burgers or home dish. During eating we also order something to drink, like coke or fruit juice.

I like weekends because then I have a lot of free time, which I spend in shopping centres. I think that doing the shopping is very nice manner to spend our free time.

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