7 Reasons to Run “Boom Racing” XRMODPHAT Axles

By: LoydMartin

1. Boom Racing XRMOD: What is it?

The SCX10’s limited steering capability is one of its weaknesses. Boom Racing XRMOD is for Axial’s XR10 drivehafts modified to the SCX10 axle. This XRMOD upgrade dramatically increases the steering angle to more than 45 degrees. This upgrade increases steering angle and improves the radius. The PHAT axle, which is the most heavy on the market, is the most powerful. It helps to keep the rig stable when climbing and maneuvering. You can add weight to the lowest part of your rig without putting additional strain on the drivetrain. Additionally, adding weight at the front of your rig will aid in climbing. The universal axe shafts made of stainless steel are strong and durable, with a high angle Navy Sandals steering. These 4mm stainless steel links will enhance the look of your rig’s front by adding scale and realness.

2. Boom Racing XRMOD is a better option than a housing or complete axe

Wraith Knuckles must be used (Axial #AX31316, #AX80061), and Chubs should be used (Axial#AX80062). That’s it. You can choose to have it stock or aftermarket. Boom Racing offers the Wraith Chubs and Chubs upgrade as an option.

3. What rigs does Boom Racing XRMOD use?

It can be used with SCX10, and you can make any type of custom rig by using a good set. Wraith Knuckles, Chubs (Axial#AX80062), must be used in place of SCX10 Knuckles. All other SCX10 parts can be used for this upgrade. It uses the SCX10 stock bevel gears, spool and locker, as well as input shafts.

4. Is there any Advantage to this axle over SCX10 II?

The SCX10 II axles may be a bit older, but the Boom Racing XMODPHAT Axle offers some advantages. Heavy duty gears. The SCX10 II gears can withstand twice the stress of the original SCX10, but are smaller. The smaller gear can easily break under such stress if it is driven at high speeds, then stopped and reversed. PHAT Axles weigh more.

5. Asiatees can Fit these Parts on Boom Racing XRMOD.

This upgrade has many benefits. AsiaTees stocks Axial Wraith Knuckles, Chubs, as well as upgraded aluminum Axial Keels and Chubs. AsiaTees also stocks other brands of knuckles, chubs.

6. Boom Racing XRMOD: What are the benefits? How does it handle when I use it?

A functioning cover protects the axle’s diff. This makes it more realistic. To add grease, you can access the gears from inside. It is designed to glide over rocks. These axles are tough and can withstand any environment.

7. Are there any spare Boom Racing XRMOD parts that I can purchase if something breaks?

All parts can be purchased separately. The 303 stainless-steel drive shafts can be shortened to a stock XR10 shaft. These are also available separately from AsiaTees. You can also purchase the 4mm stainless steel steering link separately.

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