Why Some Air-con Have Foul Smell

By: LoydMartin

Some air conditioning units emit an unpleasant odor when turned on. But what are the possible reasons for this unpleasant equipment smell? More importantly, what steps can be taken to solve this problem?

When the air conditioner humidifies and absorbs heat in the surrounding area, it produces water as waste. The accumulation of moisture creates a dark and humid environment that helps the formation of mold, slime mold, or mold, all of which emit a very painful odor. In addition, because the exterior of the air conditioner is located outdoors in most homes and offices, foreign particles or debris are easily trapped in the ducts. When these particles rot, they can also cause a musky and unwanted odor.

While odor is a dilemma, it’s good to know that it can be solved by a professional air conditioning option company. They will turn off the air conditioner and remove one end of the condensate duct carefully to remove the pipe from the equipment. Be careful when removing the umbilical cord, as water trapped in it may overflow and cause unnecessary confusion. Rinse the tube with a solution of bleach and water to remove mold that has formed on or on the wire.

They are also able to drain the water that has accumulated in the drip tray. A pan (or condensate pan) is placed at the bottom of the air conditioner to collect the condensate that drips from the evaporator coil. You can visit our Singapore Aircon Service website for information. This old water pool, coupled with the dark environment, is an ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Therefore, they understand that it is important to use sponges and non -abrasive chemicals to scrub pots and pans. After being thoroughly cleaned, they placed the tray until completely dry. If the pot still smells rancid after rubbing, more chemicals may be needed.

Do your due diligence and inspect the inside of the air conditioner. They will also remove foreign objects trapped in it, such as debris, animal carcasses or rotting plants. Afterwards, they will use a foam coil cleaner, spray the evaporator coil with chemicals to remove dust and dirt, and then rinse with an interval. Continue to flush the inside of the air conditioner until the drained water becomes clear.

The final step requires reconnecting the condensate duct, placing the drip tray (completely dry) back into the bottom of the device and installing a new air filter. They will make sure that the appliance is dry before restarting. However, if the air conditioner still emits an unpleasant odor, please seek help and advice from the air conditioning company.

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