Men’s Bracelets trending

By: LoydMartin

Men and bracelets…this is a complex combination! But, in the previous two seasons, men’s bracelets have become a significant trend. It mainly applies to style enthusiasts like Pitti Uomo, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber.

From braided cord to leather bands, to metallic cuffs and wooden beads, the most famous film stars and fashion icons in the world are expanding their wrist-game beyond the watch and embracing the Men’s bracelet as the primary arm wrist jewelry.

But, there are rules involved, of course. The key is to get bracelets that give you a masculine look. You need pieces that are masculine and fashionable, created from captivating materials. Its colors should be suitable to the stacked effect of mix-and-match.

This type of arm candy will not just enhance your fashion cred; it is a lot less stressful and more straightforward, compared to depending on a hot date to improve your appealing profile.

Below is a guide to the ideal bracelets for men.

Discover your types of bracelets

Metal bracelets, immersed in military tradition are traditionally more famous because of their ruggedness and simplicity. Obtaining precise, ID bracelets is essential. Their rating is high on the maleness variety because of their silver tone color and bulkiness.

Wear the pieces separately; wear metallic bracelets on the right hand wrist, opposite your watch. The matching color of the metal on your watch gives a cleaner appearance to your accessories flair.

Where metal cuffs are concerned, avoid purchasing one that looks like a bangle. Oxidized styles or burnished metal make the cuff have a more masculine look. When you pair a leather cuff with a metal assortment, this gives your wrist some toughness. Also, it is a beautiful method of adding texture and layering.

Leather Bands

Similar to metal, leather is manly, and you can play around with its formalities. More full cuffs look more casual whereas bracelet types that are thinner and finer are more elegant.

You can have a woven leather bracelet or one that is just a fashioned single section of leather, which you can wrap once or two times around your wrist. You then tie it or close it using a clasp fastening or press-stud.

Fabric Wovens

The fabric woven is the same in popularity as its leather counterpart mentioned earlier. However, its poly or cotton material blend makes it a lot more affordable compared to animal hide. Also, the pattern and color are what stand out on the fabric woven.

Choose a color which matches your tie or pocket square when you dress in a suit or cotton shorts when resting next to the pool. The design of woven bracelets is meant to be stacked with a wristwatch or complement with a ring. It looks lovely when paired with a metal and leather bracelet, catering to all your bracelet necessities.

 Bead Bracelets 

Lately, the beaded bracelet has become a leader in the most famous men’s arm accessory. They are famous because of their wide range of choice. There are wooden types, for something that is ethnic-inspired, luxury crystal as well as glass and bone types. Old plastic types are available also, which are cheaper. You can get a bead to match your style, dress code, and mood.

When stacked, they make you look great, blending bead patterns, material, color, and sizing, for a combination that brings out your personality. With an official look, go minimal and neutral. In summer functions such as weddings or races, you need texture and color, depending on your attire, to make the bracelet stand out.

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