How Joint Supplements Can Help Older Dogs With Their Arthritis

By: LoydMartin

Due to more and more households accepting pets as part of their family, the rates at which veterinary medicine is growing can be compared to the pace of human medicine. You will see a lot of compounding veterinary pharmacy and specialized veterinary treatment providers especially for older dogs. Senior pets such as dogs will experience arthritis due to their old age.

It’s important that we assist our canine friends with their condition to ensure that they live a convenient life for as long as they medically can. There’s a variety of ways for you to help your older dogs with their arthritis. One of the best ways is by getting joint supplements for them. Combined with physical therapy, these two will go a long way in ensuring healthy joints.

Does My Dog Need Joint Supplements?

For first time pet owners, the behavior of a dog may be something that they won’t be familiar with especially in the dog’s later years. When a dog shows signs of weakness in terms of energy, many owners take it as a sign of aging and nothing to be worried about. However, the lack of energy may be caused by the lessened production of glucosamine in the dog’s body.

When a dog ages, the rate at which they produce glucosamine for their joints is slowed down and lessened. This means that it’ll take a longer time for them to repair the tissues and cartilage in a specific part of their body. When a vet checks up on a dog with this condition, they’ll give you a prescription for joint supplements that you can get at a compounding veterinary pharmacy.

It should be worth noting that joint supplements aren’t always going to be exclusive to older dogs. Younger dogs, even those that have only been born recently, might need joint supplements. Dogs with a history of weak joints may give birth to pups that will have the same condition. If you know that the dog that you adopted had at least one parent with a weak hip, get a check up.

What Do Joint Supplements Do?

Depending on the type of supplement that you get for your dog, you’re going to notice that they have different manners of taking effect in order to help increase the stabilization of your dog’s joints. The most common supplement is glucosamine supplement which may contain either glucosamine sulfate or glucosamine hydrochloride.

Glucosamine will act as a natural anti-inflammatory through the regulation of the collagen’s synthesis in the cartilage of the dog’s body. The condition of the cartilage, both elasticity and thickness, will be enhanced by the chondroitin. This is due to the inhibition of the enzymes that are destructive in nature.

Collagen is a less known joint supplement for dogs, but it has proven its worth through a series of successful trials on animals. It’s a broad spectrum type supplement that can be used to treat osteoarthritis due to its ability to increase bioavailability. It can repair the body of the dog on a cellular level if done correctly.
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